Baxi 118 Boiler Fault Code - Plumbing | Heating | Gas

If pressure has dropped once, it will drop again. Will a dripping condensate pipe cause a 118 fault on a Baxi Boiler? No, As a boiler operates, it produces a small amount of waste gas. This gas turns into water, and is taken outside by the condensate pipe.

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Baxi Power Ht Installation Operation Manual | Thermostat

10.1 boiler pressure loss POWER HT Model 1.850 1.1000 1.1200 1.1500 Minimum water flow rate l/h Water flow rate with t=20K l/h. 1900 2100 2600 3300 3700 4300 5200 6500. Check that the water flow rate is no lower than as stated. Istructions pertaining to the installer. 88. 912.199.3 - GB 0502_2105. Exchangers pressure drop (mH2O) 0601_2008

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